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The perfect gift for the man who has everything – personalised cufflinks from Memories Charmed. Whether it’s a special occasion or everyday use they make an ideal  personalised gift.  They measure 15mm square and are silver plated brass.  You can have an identical matching pair or a different picture in each cufflink the choice is yours – please refer to the photo requirements before selecting your pictures.

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If you wish to have a different photo in the 2nd Cuff Link please upload it here. This will add an additional £5.00 for the work required to prepare the image for use.

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Memories Charmed cuff links are silver plated brass. Over time exposure to natural gases in the atmosphere, body oils and general wear and tear will tarnish the clasp. I recommend you occasionally use a silver cloth to remove dirt and body oils from your cufflinks. I do not recommend the use of silver dips or other liquid cleaners as they may contain harsh chemicals that could be harmful to your jewellery.  Excessive polishing and wear of silver-plated items will  eventually thin or wear off the plating.

When wearing the cufflinks please treat them with care. Avoid bringing them into contact with hard surfaces or sharp objects all of which may result in damage and scratches, the photo coating is waterproof and hard wearing but will scratch if bought into contact with an abrasive surface.  Avoid contact with harsh household chemicals, as these chemicals cause rapid discolouration that may damage your cufflinks. Please – avoid getting your item wet.

Photo Requirements

Decide which photos you would like to be charmed, the images can be of anything you choose but there are a number of points you need to take into consideration:

  1. You will need electronic photographs – you can take good quality electronic images of your original prints but please avoid reflections on their surface.
  2. The charms are round /square so some cropping of the image will/may take place, where there is more than one person in the picture select a picture where their heads are closer together.
  3. The photos are reduced down to 11mm by 11mm for the square silver plated charm and 17mm diameter for the sterling silver round charm – so not all detail will be visible. Because of this I tend to crop in closer so the main content of the photo is clear – if you prefer this doesn’t happen you need to let me know. Please do not crop your images before sending them.
  4. If the back ground of the photograph detracts from the image I will remove it to make it clearer and easier to view. If you prefer this doesn’t happen please inform me.
  5. The image I produce will be black and white or sepia, this is so I can retain as much detail as possible. If you really would prefer colour please contact me and we can discuss your requirements with regard to the suitability of the image.
  6. You must own the copyright to the images you send, Memories Charmed will not be held responsible for any copyright infringements.
  7. I will produce a photo charm for each photo you upload – to a maximum of 2 which is the maximum I recommend per bracelet. I can mount more than this on a bracelet but you will need to contact me to arrange this. Photo charm orders of 1-3 will be placed in a grouping at the bottom of the bracelet. Photo charm orders of 4-5 will be distributed evenly around the bracelet.  Not all bracelet designs will lend themselves to a multi-charm design  – please consider this when selecting your bracelet.  Contact me if you wish to discuss your design further.
  8. Many clients choose to have multiple stacking bracelets from across the collection with just one photo charm on each. This gives a beautiful stacked effect and also allows you to select which photos you wish to wear at any given time.

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  1. Adrian Gilbert

    I ordered these for each of my groomsmen and myself each showing someone that could not be at my wedding! The final result was amazing and the service next to none! Would highly recommend!

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