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About us

Welcome to Memories Charmed, in 2006 I decided to combine two of my biggest passions, my love of photography and my fascination with jewellery. It was a particularly difficult time in my life and I wanted to find a way of keeping pictures of my loved ones close to me. I began to experiment and created a variety of charm bracelets holding images of lost loved ones, happy events in my life and my family.  I called these my memory bracelets or my blessings bracelets – and they acted as a constant reminder of all there was to be thankful for.
During the last decade I have produced countless numbers of keepsakes for my family and friends to comfort them when they were low and to celebrate joyful new occasions as they occurred.  Over the years my range has expanded as I have thought of new ways of displaying their memories. As a result I have created more designs and finely tuned the process of altering and preserving photographs. They have proven to be extremely popular – with a constantly increasing demand for my products I finally decided to set up Memories Charmed in 2016.
It’s been a true pleasure seeing the joy my jewellery brings to those who have chosen to wear and give them in a similar sentiment to the one they were originally created for -in recognition of this Memories Charmed stacking bracelets are named after those that now wear them.

About the photos

Many of the photos we hold dear are not perfect pictures – many are stolen moments that lack detail or focus.  Some have distracting or unattractive backgrounds or there may be other people in the shot that you don’t want to include.  Often the images you have of lost loved ones are faded or damaged over time. Memories Charmed  is special because I take your images and work on them  so they are as clear as possible when seen in black and white miniature.  I take away distracting and unwanted elements of your photos and adjust lighting to make features as clear as possible.  I will work to achieve the best result  possible and give you something that you are proud to wear.  The examples  show how I can take out back grounds, crop into images to focus on the elements you want and create images that look balanced and beautiful to own. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is a photo that you would really like  – but feel it is not up to standard. – I can usually achieve a result that is pleasing even from the most unlikely beginnings.

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