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Italian charm bracelets from Memories Charmed.  These bracelets are ideal for all ages and gender. They are similar to metal watch straps and are constructed from interlinking modules of  stainless steel.  Each 9mm charm link is an individual unit and you can mix and match as many designs as you desire. You can start with a basic bracelet and add to it as each occasions occurs or you can create a complete time line containing a collection of photographs – your only limit is your imagination. The photos will be reduced to 7mm by 4mm and are perfect for the person who prefers a more sophisticated and understated  piece. Be sure to read the photo requirements and sizing guide before placing your order.

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Starter Bracelet (Optional)

A bracelet made up of blank links so you can start your bracelet with a single photo link and add to your collection over time. Please read the sizing guide before selecting.

Image upload

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Decorative Charms * 

Complete the personalisation of your bracelet by adding decorative charms.

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Care Guide

Memories Charmed Italian charm bracelet are made from stainless steel. I recommend you occasionally use a soft cloth to remove dirt and body oils from your jewellery. I do not recommend the use of silver dips or other liquid cleaners as they may contain harsh chemicals that could be harmful to your jewellery.

When wearing this item please treat it with care. Avoid bringing it  into contact with hard surfaces or sharp objects all of which may result in damage and scratches, the photo coating is waterproof and hard wearing but will scratch if bought into contact with an abrasive surface.  When removing your jewellery do so carefully, excessive stretching will damage and weaken it.   Avoid contact with harsh household chemicals, as these chemicals cause rapid discolouration that may damage your jewellery. Please – do not swim or bathe wearing your jewellery.


Each link is about 9.5mm long, so add or take away this amount until you get the desired size. If you wish to produce a pattern that alternates, then you need even amounts of modules. 18 links are about average for a female and 20-22 links for a male the actual lengths are: –

18 links are 17.2 cm

20 links are 19.1 cm

22 links are 21 cm

There is also an illustrated guide to help you assemble or alter your bracelet.

Photo Requiremens

Decide which photos you would like to be charmed, the images can be of anything you choose but there are a number of points you need to take into consideration:


  1. You will need to send electronic photographs – you can take good quality electronic images of your original prints but please avoid reflections on their surface.
  2. The photos are reduced down to 7mm by 4mm so not all detail will be visible. Because of this I tend to crop in closer so the main content of the photo is clear – if you prefer this doesn’t happen you need to let me know. Please do not crop your images before sending them.
  3. Where there is more than one person in the picture select a picture where their heads are closer together – remember that these links are small and as such complicated images or those containing more than two people may mean not all detail will be visible. This may not matter to you  – but please be aware to avoid disappointment.
  4. If the back ground of the photograph detracts from the image I will remove it to make it clearer and easier to view. If you prefer this doesn’t happen please inform me.
  5. The image I produce will be black and white unless you request otherwise.
  6. You must own the copyright to the images you send, Memories Charmed will not be held responsible for any copyright infringements.
  7. I will produce a photo charm for each photo you upload – contact me if you wish to discuss your design further.


Assembling Your Italian Charms Bracelet

For the first timer the charm bracelet may be challenging to put together. It is a simple process and once you get the first charm on the bracelet, things will go quickly. The procedure for putting charms on is the same as the process for removing them. The photos below show a bracelet which already has charms on it and new charms being added, the concept is the same for starter bracelets.

Charm Links Instructions for Starter Bracelets:

Step 1

The charms link together using a loop on the back of the starter bracelet which hooks up to the opening on the charm. Notice that in order to put the new charm on you must expand the starter link outward and press down with your thumb to keep it in place. If it is your first time you may find it easier to use a tool of some type, a nail file or strong object to hold open the link while putting on the charm, another set of hands is sometimes helpful as well. Be careful if using a tool the charms will scratch if you slip.

The left side of the charm will have an opening to link to. The charms are tiny and the opening is small, look carefully, it is a slot only a few millimetres wide.

Step 2

Holding the link open by using pressure from your thumb, slide the charm onto the end from the bottom up. Tilting it at an angle may help to align the links to make it easier to slide onto the starter

The Mega links work in the same way but there are two hooks to link up either two smaller links or one mega link.


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